Follow the leader..

5 ways to attract the public to your company’s social media site:

1. Post Often

- The more amount of content you have, the more people have to scroll through your company’s profile!

2. Post things that are relevant

- With that being said, if you post constantly be sure to post things that are relevant to your company and to your public. Don’t just post about your company, post things that could aid your company as well. For example, if you run a coffee shop and you want to promote your coffee, write an article on why drinking coffee could improve someone’s life on the daily. Motivate your follower in relevant ways!

3.  Encourage sharing

- Post things on your feed that people would want to share on their profile and encourage them to share it! For example, post a motivational quote on getting work done, maybe then followers will share your post on their feed. Ask them to tag friends in a post you make, especially if the post applies to them.

4. Have contests!

-People love free stuff! Also, people will do anything to win a t shirt, necklace, gift card, etc. Be specific in your contest, tell the reader to share the post, tag a friend, and hope that they win. That way, the public does the advertising for you, it becomes a chain reaction!

5. Be personable

- Ask your followers for their opinion, respond to their questions and comments, treat them like you would any friend following you on the social media. People respond to people, not robots. Don’t make your social media a robot that just shoots out posts every day. Ask people why they enjoy your site, get their feedback!

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